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McGregor vs Alvarez - lop sided fight a bit embarrassing for UFC

Poor old Eddie. He was completely outclassed wasn’t he? Ironically, despite his belt, he looked smaller and significantly outgunned. A couple of things have struck me now I’ve had time to digest the fight.   Alvarez was always out of range. His big right just met air. Along with every...

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The only way to do a ring walk is in a Pain Game vest

  MMA pro David Round wore a Pain Game Vest for his ring walk at last weekend's Superior Challenge 14. Unfortunately for David, his arm was injured early on in the fight and he fell victim to a left kick to the head by his opponent Sadibou Sy - which...

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A list of the best MMA Twitter accounts to follow

MMA is great for a number of reasons. Beyond the skill and bravery of the fighters, and the gladiatorial spectacle of the fights, there’s also the 'ownership' of the fans. The fans live it like no other sport. And that’s reflected on social media, where the fans, the pros and the...

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