A list of the best MMA Twitter accounts to follow

MMA is great for a number of reasons. Beyond the skill and bravery of the fighters, and the gladiatorial spectacle of the fights, there’s also the 'ownership' of the fans.

The fans live it like no other sport. And that’s reflected on social media, where the fans, the pros and the industry interact a lot - particularly on Twitter.

I like a list. So, here’s a couple for you.

Top five MMA Twitter accounts tweeting latest news


News and gossip about UFC – with strong fan input


More international flavour, and covers a wider range of combat sports


More bang-on-the-money MMA news from the US


Good on rumours and debate from around MMA


Strong on video footage

Top five MMA Twitter accounts tweeting analysis and opinion


Good podcasts


Surprisingly philosophical


Tasty insider morsels 


One for the anoraks among you


Ok, there’s not much analysis – but it is funny

Top five MMA Twitter accounts tweeting in the UK 


A glimpse into the life of Mr Venom, a rising star


Keep-up to-date on the British MMA fight scene


Offers great insight into fights and MMA lifestyle


A journalist who’s got his finger on the MMA pulse


Interesting conditioning and nutrition advice

Pain Game's favourite quotes: 

"Martial arts is not about fighting; it's about building character"