McGregor vs Alvarez - lop sided fight a bit embarrassing for UFC

Poor old Eddie.

He was completely outclassed wasn’t he?

Ironically, despite his belt, he looked smaller and significantly outgunned.

A couple of things have struck me now I’ve had time to digest the fight.  

Alvarez was always out of range. His big right just met air. Along with every other shot...

It’s an interesting one because McGregor didn’t do anything special with his footwork – he just leaned back and slipped them. And then looked to counter quickly.

This combination of slipping and fast counter was enough.

It shouldn't be enough against a fellow world champion. 

I don’t want to underestimate Conor’s skills because his judgement of distance – with that pronounced forward left guard – was impeccable. And he has got lovely hand speed. 

But Alvarez’s performance was poor. He should have mixed it up more when he realised his punches were falling short.

More kicks and lower strikes – varying the level of attack – might have distracted McGregor in his defence and enabled one or two of the head shots to land.

Towards the end it was man versus boy. Alvarez tentatively pushing out single jabs and crosses, in full knowledge of what would come next.

Slip, counter left, counter right, repeat, sleep.

McGregor’s face was hardly touched, and his seemingly nonchalant, relaxed punching blew Alvarez away.

Where was Alvarez’s movement and guard against the counter? To be honest, it doesn’t make UFC look credible when a guy at the top of the tree doesn’t know how to protect himself in the punching exchanges.

It left me a bit disappointed, sure we got blood – but I want to see McGregor tested. Have to fight at a pace he doesn’t set nor want. Be taken to the ground and deal with it repeatedly.

Then we’ll get a classic.