About us

The Pain Game Team are into all sorts of contact sports - from MMA and boxing, to rugby and football.

High quality materials and careful design are hallmarks of both our sports clothing and leisure wear.

But, for us, that's a given. We want our clothing to reflect more than that. 

Contact sports take courage and dedication. The immense highs are often counterbalanced by frustration, disappointment and pain. 

A dark sense of humour is often needed to keep going. 

Contact sports are a journey, where you have to overcome your inner demons as much as the opposition's physical strengths.

You learn a lot about yourself, often in defeat rather than victory. 

Pain Game wants to reflect all of those emotions, and the people who wear our clothing understand this. They embrace the bad with the good, and come out smiling. 

And while we like combat, and a fair fight, we don't like exploitation - so rest assured that our products are ethically made.

We do our very best to ensure that there is no child labour in our supply chain, and our clothes are made with environmental protection in mind.  

Pain Game Clothing is based in Norwich, England, and if you've got any questions for us, just drop us an email on admin@pain-game.com. 

"Pain is the best instructor,

but no one wants to go to his class"