Racer Back Vest – Women's compression wear in Black and Pink

Pain Game


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Pain Game’s compression racer back women’s vest fits like a second skin and works as hard as you do.

This is a serious performance enhancer.

Whether you’re jogging, doing yoga or grappling with an opponent on the mat, this tough training vest will provide the support you need.

That’s because it’s made with four thread flatlocked seams, which stretch to provide support for muscles during exercise and hold together during contact.

The flatlock seams are also smooth, and chafe-free.

The vest’s fabric is lightweight, soft, dries quickly and stretches in all directions.

Our compression wear supports muscular movement during workouts, promoting blood flow and the delivery of oxygen. It also helps reduce the build-up of lactic acid and thus muscle fatigue.

Black front, fuschia back, and finished with the all-important Pain Game logo. The logo which says you understand the pleasure and pain of combat sports. Enuf said?


The Pain Game Compression Racer Back Vest comes up large for the size, and are long in the body. 

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