Mr Skull Gym Vest - Black

Pain Game


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Need some company during those long, lonely training sessions? 

Our Mr Skull Tank Vest is there for you. Shades on. Check. Headband on. Check. Tunes on. Check. Let's go!

Printed on a high quality ‘vintage’, stone-washed vest, Mr Skull certainly makes an impression.

Our Mr Skull Training Tank Vest is black, with a fashionable well-worn look.

It has a crew neck, soft fabric finish and is a regular fit.

Size (cm) S M L XL
Chest 92 100 108 116
Length 67 69 71 73


The Boring Stuff:

Machine washable. 100% Cotton.

Pain Game doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality. This is not cheap online clothing – the print was created with water-based inks, which are infinitely superior to the more common heat transfers or platisol inks.

Water-based inks penetrate – and become part of – the fabric of the clothing. It means the print is soft to the touch and more comfortable to wear. It also offers a washed out, more vintage look.

In contrast, cheap heat transfers can just peel off after a few wears, and platisol inks feel lumpy and inflexible. They also have a tendency to chip and crack over time, and smear when ironed or tumble dried.

Furthermore, water-based inks are the eco-friendly choice, being readily cleaned up in water. Many platisols, however, contain phthalate plasticisers which have harmful environmental effects.

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