Pain Game Vintage T-shirt Men - Black

Pain Game


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Pain Game. Worn by warriors. Enuf said?

Printed on a high quality ‘vintage’, stone-washed t-shirt, our Pain Game tee certainly makes an impression.

It says you understand - the pleasure and the pain involved in combat sports. 

Our Pain Game t-shirt is black, with a fashionable well-worn look.

It has a crew neck, soft fabric finish and is a regular fit.

Size (cm) S M L XL
Chest 98 106 114 122
Length 70 72 74 76


The Boring Stuff: 

100% Cotton.

Pain Game doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality. This is not cheap online clothing – the print was created with water-based inks, which are infinitely superior to the more common heat transfers or platisol inks.

Water-based inks penetrate – and become part of – the fabric of the clothing. It means the print is soft to the touch and more comfortable to wear. It also offers a washed out, more vintage look.

In contrast, cheap heat transfers can just peel off after a few wears, and platisol inks feel lumpy and inflexible. They also have a tendency to chip and crack over time, and smear when ironed or tumble dried.

Furthermore, water-based inks are the eco-friendly choice, being readily cleaned up in water. Many platisols, however, contain phthalate plasticisers which have harmful environmental effects.

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